Reading Problems:

Poor comprehension;

Misreading words;

Tracking line to line;

Prefer dimmed light;

Skipping words or lines;

You read slowly;

Taking frequent breaks;

Losing your place;

You avoid reading.

Writing Problems:

Trouble copying;

Unequal spacing;

Unequal letter size;

Writing up or downhill;

Inconsistent spelling.

Depth Perception:


Difficulty catching a ball;

Cannot judge distance; Cautious when driving.

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Attention and concentration problems:

People can sometimes appear to have other conditions, such as ADD and may be given medication unnecessarily.

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There are a wide range of potential Irlen® symptoms and different people may be affected in different ways.

Light Sensitivity:

You may be bothered by glare, fluorescent light, bright light, sunlight and sometimes lights at night. Some people experience physical symptoms and feel tired, sleepy, dizzy, anxious, or irritable. Others experience headaches, mood changes, restlessness or have difficulty staying focused, especially with bright or fluorescent lights.


Eye strain or fatigue;

Frequently tired/sleepy;

Headaches or nausea;

Fidgety or restless;

Eyes hurt & become watery.


Words on a page lack clarity or stability. May appear blurry, moving or may even disappear.

Other Characteristics:

Fatigue using a computer;

Difficulty reading music;

Careless maths errors;

Numbers misaligned;

Ineffective use of study time;

Lack of motivation;

Grades do not reflect effort;

Can’t concentrate on academic tasks.

How can the Irlen Method help me overcome my symptoms?

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