The Irlen Self Test:

This simple Yes/No test, which you can complete at home in your own time is intended to provide an indication about whether you may need to consider professional screening for Irlen® Syndrome. I ask for your contact details so that I can contact you to discuss the screening results with you, in confidence.


You are under no obligation to undertake a full screening assessment; nor will your details be used to promote my services in the future. Most importantly your contact details will not be passed onto any third parties.  If, as a result of completing this form and discussing the results you decide to go no further with the process then the information and the form will be destroyed

Certified by The Irlen® Institute International.

Option 1 Option 2

Please select one of the three options below:

Read the Irlen® Test before deciding whether you wish to complete it

Download and complete the Irlen® test and send it to me by email.

Complete the Irlen® test online and forward it to me by direct email.

Option 3 is being updated and will be available here shortly.

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